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Captivating and Modern Product Videos

My rules for great product videos

I make exciting, modern, visually engaging, and dynamic product ads. I combine eye-catching closeups, gorgeous lighting, dynamic text, and smooth edits to give your product an attractive edge and character that makes for an eye-catching web listing and social media post! The best part, I don't rinse and repeat templates and I customize each video to your brand.

Short Attention Span

My videos say what needs to be said - no more and no less. If it's too long and too wordy, you'll lose your audience.

Develop Brand Tone/Image

The video should have a look and feel that best represents your brand image.

Highlight Key Selling Features

Focus on what makes your product unique and awesome - and put it out front.

Visually Engaging

No clutter. No distractions. My videos are visually clean and attractively lit.

Organic and Engaging Editing

Edits should never feel jarring or distracting. They should be slick and engaging to hold the viewer.

Product Video Reel

Black and Decker Extension Reel - Product Ad
Mum Belly Oil - Product Ad
Paragon Strap Kickstarter Launch Demo
StayBRITE - Product Ad
Classic Standing Desk Product Ad - Home Office and Beyond
Zero Friction - One Size Fits All Glove Product Ad
Asterion Vertex - Product Ad
Briten Electric Toothbrush - Product Ad

How does it work?

First we'll communicate. Tell me a little about your product and what you're looking for from a video, I need to determine if I'll be the right fit for you. Afterwards, I'll send a survey/questionnaire that helps gauge much of the necessary details I require to create your video. 

Once you're ready to move forward and booked, ship the product out to me and I'll begin working! Once the video is delivered you get one free set of revisions to make editing changes as needed.


Are you interested in working together? Feel free to send me an inquiry!

Thanks for submitting!

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